SoD One Day Exclusive: Free Mystery Boxes with Alchemy Adventure!

For one day ONLY, School of Dragon: Alchemy Adventure is giving you the opportunity to win FREE Mystery Boxes! Today you can win one of three amazing mystery boxes containing exclusive in-game items! It’s simple, the more you score, the more valuable your prize pack will be!

FLY, don’t run, to the Science Lab because this offer will not last long!

Get to Know out Latest Feature: Gronckle Iron Quest!

In School of Dragon’s first-ever quest that ties-in with “Defenders of Berk,” it is up to YOU to help Hiccup, Heather, Fishlegs along with his beloved Gronckle, Meatlug to learn all about the amazing properties that make up the powerful Gronckle Iron!


In the new Gronckle Iron quest, you’re on a mission to find out just how Meatlug is able to turn certain rocks into the incredibly strong and lightweight metal that is now preferred by the most elite Viking trainers.


Expand your knowledge of minerals and its properties by helping Heather and Meatlug create new substances from different materials such as firewood and gold in the lab.


But the quest does not end there! You will get a first hand experience of the Gronckle Iron’s properties by playing a special level of Fireball Frenzy with Hiccup’s amazing shield that doubles as a crossbow. Blast through the high-adventure game you already know, with the addition of new targets, like the sinister Dagur the Deranged along with brand new features, like ability to freeze time in the game!


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Learn what it is like to fly through School of Dragons with fan, Edhallas, who created this amazing fan video! Together with her Deadly Nadder, Woodstock, this fierce Viking has roared through all kinds of challenges to rise up among our class of elite level Dragon Trainers!

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FORUM DOWNTIME** (06/19/14)

SCHOOL OF DRAGONS UPDATE (06/19/14): Maintenance on the School of Dragons Forum is now complete! Thank you for your continued patience as we worked on upgrading our forum servers. You can now log back in to continue connecting with your fellow School of Dragons fans!

The School of Dragons Forum will be down for maintenance TONIGHT, starting at 10pm PST.

While the game will remain up and running, the forum will be unavailable for approximately 30 minutes to allow our team to upgrade our servers. This update will decrease loading time between pages and help us optimize your forum experience to make staying up to date on the latest game news quick and easy.

Thank you for your understanding, and please stay tuned for further updates from our team! 

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It’s coming….the #1 DRAGON that you have been asking for will finally make its long-awaited debut in the School of Dragons. Prepare yourselves for one of the most ELECTRIFYING and FEROCIOUS creatures from the Book of Dragons to make its introduction in our next release coming out very, very soon. That’s right, Vikings, our next dragon is the SKRILL!


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Get to Know our Latest Feature: Dragon Stables!

Have you always dreamt of owning a Whispering Death to accompany the Deadly Nadder you already have? Can’t decide between your Gronkle or your Monstrous Nightmare? Do you shudder at the thought of picking your favorite dragon? With our brand new DRAGON STABLES, you can worry no more.

Upon entering the Hatchery, you now have the option of accessing the colossal wooden doors that will lead you to our latest feature: the Dragon Stables. Players have the ability to raise MULTIPLE dragons by purchasing new eggs, including regular and members-only dragon eggs available in the store, and bringing them to their stables to hatch. House up to four of your winged companions in the stables and watch as your family of dragons on SoD begin to grow!

Soar to new heights (and with new dragons) with our Dragon Stables!

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New Features in Time for HTTYD2!

To celebrate the theatrical release of “How to Train Your Dragon 2,” the School of Dragons is bursting with brand new features that tie-in with your newest favorite movie. Now players are able to spread their wings and soar through the skies like Hiccup with a flight suit of their own. The aerodynamic Hiccup-engineered device has leaped off the silver screen and into the game, just in time for you.

But that’s not all, now quarterly members can raise the rarest dragon of them all…Toothless! Soar to new heights with new dragons and features at the School of Dragons. It’s time to join Hiccup in the ranks as one of the top level trainers in Berk today!


UPDATE 11:40 A.M PST: The issues are more stable now but if you experience any more issues, please let us know!


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Some of the School of Dragons team flew by the Hollywood Premiere of HTTYD2 this past weekend alongside the film’s creators and stars! Join in all the excitement surrounding HTTYD2’s impending release by checking out some of the shots from the exclusive red carpet event!