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We are currently experiencing some issues with our servers. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you. We wanted to let you know that our team is hard at work at resolving these issues and we will update you along the way.

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Learn what it is like to fly through School of Dragons with fan, Edhallas, who created this amazing fan video! Together with her Deadly Nadder, Woodstock, this fierce Viking has roared through all kinds of challenges to rise up among our class of elite level Dragon Trainers!

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FORUM DOWNTIME** (06/19/14)

SCHOOL OF DRAGONS UPDATE (06/19/14): Maintenance on the School of Dragons Forum is now complete! Thank you for your continued patience as we worked on upgrading our forum servers. You can now log back in to continue connecting with your fellow School of Dragons fans!

The School of Dragons Forum will be down for maintenance TONIGHT, starting at 10pm PST.

While the game will remain up and running, the forum will be unavailable for approximately 30 minutes to allow our team to upgrade our servers. This update will decrease loading time between pages and help us optimize your forum experience to make staying up to date on the latest game news quick and easy.

Thank you for your understanding, and please stay tuned for further updates from our team! 

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It’s coming….the #1 DRAGON that you have been asking for will finally make its long-awaited debut in the School of Dragons. Prepare yourselves for one of the most ELECTRIFYING and FEROCIOUS creatures from the Book of Dragons to make its introduction in our next release coming out very, very soon. That’s right, Vikings, our next dragon is the SKRILL!


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Get to Know our Latest Feature: Dragon Stables!

Have you always dreamt of owning a Whispering Death to accompany the Deadly Nadder you already have? Can’t decide between your Gronkle or your Monstrous Nightmare? Do you shudder at the thought of picking your favorite dragon? With our brand new DRAGON STABLES, you can worry no more.

Upon entering the Hatchery, you now have the option of accessing the colossal wooden doors that will lead you to our latest feature: the Dragon Stables. Players have the ability to raise MULTIPLE dragons by purchasing new eggs, including regular and members-only dragon eggs available in the store, and bringing them to their stables to hatch. House up to four of your winged companions in the stables and watch as your family of dragons on SoD begin to grow!

Soar to new heights (and with new dragons) with our Dragon Stables!

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New Features in Time for HTTYD2!

To celebrate the theatrical release of “How to Train Your Dragon 2,” the School of Dragons is bursting with brand new features that tie-in with your newest favorite movie. Now players are able to spread their wings and soar through the skies like Hiccup with a flight suit of their own. The aerodynamic Hiccup-engineered device has leaped off the silver screen and into the game, just in time for you.

But that’s not all, now quarterly members can raise the rarest dragon of them all…Toothless! Soar to new heights with new dragons and features at the School of Dragons. It’s time to join Hiccup in the ranks as one of the top level trainers in Berk today!


UPDATE 11:40 A.M PST: The issues are more stable now but if you experience any more issues, please let us know!


Hey everyone,

We are currently experiencing some issues with our website. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you. We wanted to let you know that our team is hard at work at resolving these issues and the game should be back to normal shortly.

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Some of the School of Dragons team flew by the Hollywood Premiere of HTTYD2 this past weekend alongside the film’s creators and stars! Join in all the excitement surrounding HTTYD2’s impending release by checking out some of the shots from the exclusive red carpet event!

School of Dragons is up and running again!

UPDATE 6:30 P.M PST : Hey guys! The School of Dragons site is is back up and running! Thank you all for your continued patience and understanding as we worked on resolving this server issue. If you experience any other problems accessing your game, please let us know!

Hey guys,

Unfortunately, we are currently experiencing some technical difficulties with our website. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you. We wanted to let you know that our team is hard at work at resolving these issues and the game should be back to normal shortly.

Thank you for your continued patience.

UPDATE 5:00 PM: We are narrowing down the root of the problem and it comes back to our servers experiencing some issues. We are working on a fix as soon as we can.

UPDATE 6:00 PM: While our site remains down, School of Dragons on Facebook and mobile are now working.

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6/7/2014 - School of Dragons Updates

New Features

  1. Dragon Stables! – That’s right, you now have the ability to purchase, train, and customize multiple dragons! How many more you ask? There is no limit!
  2. Hiccup’s Flight Suit – Glide around School of Dragons just like Hiccup does in the new movie! Even better, Members get this flight suit for free!
  3. Gronckle Iron Quest – Participate with your favorite characters in remembering the time Fishlegs and Meatlug created Gronckle Iron, and even unlock a new game mode in Firebll Frenzy with Hiccup’s Crossbow!
  4. Did we mention multiple dragons? I think we did… MORE DRAGONS!!!
  5. Toothless for Members – Sign up for 3,6, or 12 month membership and receive Toothless in game!
  6. Ultimate Dragon Trainer Achievements – Earn more rewards and achievements for being the Ultimate Dragon Trainer! Check your journal for more information!
  7. New game in Heather’s Lab – We’re keeping this one a secret, go check it out!
  8. Power ups, Power ups, Power ups! – You’ll notice changes to some of your favorite games around the school! You can now use power ups in Fireball Frenzy, Flight Club, and Thunder Rrun Racing!
  9. Members now get twice the dragon energy! – A small gift for helping support us, your dragon will now be able to hold twice the energy it could hold before. Enjoy!

   Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed and Polished various aspects of Thunder Run Racing issues
  2. Fixed various Spanish localization issues
  3. Fixed incomplete text in Science Lab Pop-up
  4. Improved readability of Direction Arrow in Thunder Run Racing
  5. Improved lap time in Thunder Run Racing spilling out of its intended boundary
  6. Fixed Cool Down Animation in Fireball Frenzy
  7. Improved the Reeling Animation in Fishing
  8. Fixed issue with Negative SFX not being able to play in Eel Roast
  9. Fixed animation with Zippleback dragon firing ahead of its mouth in Eel Roast
  10. Fixed idle pop-ups overlapping with the game instructions in Eel Roast
  11. Fixed issue with dragon sounds repeating itself over and over
  12. Fixed edit boxes in the game that start with an empty space
  13. Fixed issue with dragon animation continuing to play when dragon stops shooting
  14. Fixed bugs with head-to-head course in Fireball Frenzy: Course results overlapping with the waiting for player screen, MMO player scores not updated for other players, Thunderdrum and player not being visible, lobby is overlapped with gems purchase window
  15. Fixed issues in Flight Club with the FPS dropping in Zippleback 101
  16. Improved scrolling age drop down menu on the registration page
  17. Fixed issue with profile picture failing to update immediately while switching the profile between users
  18. Fixed issue with Dragon Name text field not disappearing
  19. Fixed issue with dragon naming window disappearing in the Hatchery
  20. Fixed incorrect information displayed for Tomato Seeds
  21. Fixed graphic when clicking on Toothless in “New Student” quest
  22. Fixed issue in Fireball Frenzy with user dragon image failing to load in the dragon selection screen
  23. Fixed bug with Quest tasks not being updated as completed
  24. Improved the time it takes for Mystery Box to display after purchasing
  25. Fixed issue with your dragon image not showing up and dragon XP not correctly displayed on your buddy’s profile page- We don’t want that to happen!
  26. Fixed localization issues in Standards page and Quest names in the Field Guide
  27. Fixed issue of no items being loaded in the store when it is opened from a friend’s farm
  28. Remove Nadder Ice Crystal Skin from store after purchase
  29. Fixed issues with the UDT Leader board: Incorrect position is displayed for the player in the UDT high scores, Monthly and Weekly UDT scores of a new player created on that day differs
  30. Fixed RETRY button in the second level after completing the tutorial in Flight School
  31. Fixed issues to make bunnies look less clumsy when there are more bunnies in the corral and removed the chicken SFX when placing a bunny in the corral
  32. Fixed issues on About Me page: several localization issues for Portuguese and Spanish, Gender button displayed behind the Avatar portrait, Stars displayed above the avatar portrait overlaps with the message screen, trophy count not being displayed , down arrow button in titles drop down menu overlaps with titles
  33. Fixed “Post Message” button graphic in journal
  34. Fixed bug with job board freezing the game when players attempt to redeem payouts for produce
  35. Fixed posture of avatar when exiting Flight School
  36. Fixed Clan Type description in ‘My Clan’ page
  37. Fixed issue with Dragon UI failing to display on top of the pillar that rise up as the points increases
  38. Fixed bug where Advanced rod is given to the player by default - Sorry, guys!
  39. Inserted the close button back correctly back inside the tutorial dialogue
  40. Fixed ability for players to shoot other players before countdown in Thunder Run Racing, again sorry guys!
  41. Fixed bug where players can select store button behind Flight School tutorial, which shows up during unified results screen
  42. Fixed issue with skip to adult dragon option appearing only once in store
  43. Fixed bug with Flower Quest where players do not receive rewards for completing the quest
  44. Fixed bug in Fireball Frenzy that allows players to receive points for shooting empty targets
  45. Fixed various text issues in Thunder Run Racing and Flight Club
  46. Fixed various localization issues with UDT achievements
  47. Fixed bug where the store freezes when a player without a dragon tries to buy a dragon skin from the store
  48. Fixed various UI message bugs
  49. Improved Engery Meter in Flight Club
  50. Decreased the number of clicks it takes to get to the next category button on the UI
  51. Updated the number of points awarded for completing the UDT achievements
  52. Fixed bug in “A Thoughtful Gift” quest where players are not able to get lamb chop and bread items into their backpacks to complete the task
  53. Realigned and fixed the truncation issues with dragon thumbnail image
  54. Fixed Dragon XP score range for Eel Roast
  55. Fixed issue with Profile page where Player 1 dragons are displayed in Player 2 profile page
  56. Fixed various localization issues in Chinese
  57. Fixed issue in Fireball Frenzy where the BGM goes off while playing the level during cross bow mode
  58. Fixed increase and decrease animation in Gronckle energy bar during Thunder Run Racing
  59. Fixed the Dragon Level display issue in the Racing Lobby for MMO player mode
  60. Fixed various message errors in Fishing
  61. Fixed High Scores and My Scores not appearing in new tracks on Thunder Run Racing
  62. Fixed various bugs with Edit Boxes
  63. Fixed pages in stores that don’t reset when players switch from one category to another
  64. Fixed error message that pops up when accepting an eel blast challenge
  65. Fixed bug where the follow distance of the baby dragon is more when compared to an adult dragon
  66. Fixed Facebook invite button when you invite a friend from the store
  67. Fixed UDT stars appearing the Membership Store page
  68. Fixed close button in the Challenge page of Fireball Frenzy Crossbow level since it has no functionality when you tap it
  69. Fixed bug in “Go in Wilderness” quest where the axe is missing
  70. Fixed various issues with graphics in the Hatchery
  71. Fix bug in play areas where the options to play, eat and play Eel Blast fail to appear after playing with the dragon once
  72. Fixed issue where user is unable to shoot the target with Fireball in the “Bank and Burn” level of Flight Club
  73. Fixed issue in which player is unable to shoot the targets when player accepts challenge request from a friend
  74. Closed the “Congratulations” pop-up in the “Forming the Berk Watch” quest
  75. Fixed issue where membership or gems purchased from Amazon do not appear in the game
  76. Fixed issue where membership fails to function and turns player into a non member randomly
  77. Fix issue where game freezes on fishing rod reward screen during fishing tutorial quest
  78. Fix bug where game crashes after finishing Fireball Frenzy
  79. Fixed bug where red lose zones are not showing in the tension bar while fishing
  80. Fixed items where Mystery box fails to flip and the user gets stuck on the items screen
  81. Updated player, dragon, farming and fishing level-ups
  82. Fixed various graphic issues on the UI of the Social Tool Box
  83. Fixed various graphic issues with the loading screen
  84. Fixed issue where dragon appears to be slowing down when in contact with an object or while passing through it
  85. Fixed issue with coin code where player is not getting redeemed items on changing scenes during game play
  86. Fixed issue with backpack failing to update the fish count when feeding the fish to the dragon
  87. Fixed a farming issue where the player is unable to complete the Dragon Nip tutorial as the plant is displayed in the soil plot after planting it
  88. Fixed issue where purchased gems are not reflected to the guest after registering the account

Android Bug Fixes

  1.  Fixed issues with Fireball Frenzy: Being thrown out of the game during head-to-head
  2. Fixed loading issue with Interstitial Ads not being able to be displayed
  3. Fixed issue where farm fails to load in the Amazon device upon entering the portal

Chat Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed Headmaster warning message not showing up for friends and clan chat types
  2. Fixed chat text spilling outside the box in Racing Lobby
  3. Fixed Chat UI not being displayed in the second racing lobby in Thunder Run Racing

iPad Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed loading issue on iPad mini and iPad2
  2. Fixed membership page that fails to load on iOS platform devices

Facebook App Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed video that plays behind the game screen in IE browser to earn gems
  2. Fixed various loading issues
  3. Fixed membership slot in profile page failing to unlock after purchasing membership
  4. Fixed issue where user is unable to post messages in All and in News tabs under clan
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